At Tacky Jacks we take pride in being a little different and a little better than most restaurants. Oh, we always serve great tasting food and drinks, accurately and quickly in a clean but eclectic environment. But at Tacky Jacks, our difference is our smile and genuine sense of hospitality!

Tacky Jacks provides the atmosphere for managers and staff to have fun while performing their duties. Smiling faces from our Team will let our guests know that they can have fun at our place, with each other and with us. We may be a bit irreverent and energized by our humor but never disrespectful.

Overall, we want every customer, every family, and every group to feel like guests in our home:

  • We warmly welcome them when they arrive and invite them in with a smile on our face to show that we are happy they are here.

  • We make them as comfortable and relaxed as in our own home.

  • We quickly see to their needs and are sure they know that this is going to be a fun visit.

  • With every meal we make sure they have everything that they want and we check frequently to be sure that our guests are satisfied and having an enjoyable experience.

  • As our guests get ready to leave, we make sure that they are fully satisfied. We hope they’re so happy that they want to take pictures to remember the occasion and we always offer to take the pictures for them.

  • When they leave, we wish them well with a smile on our face and a warm invitation to come again as well as a reminder to tell their friends about us.

After all, if we’ve done our job, our guests know that they can relax and have that extra Tacky Jacks Fun when
they visit and that they are truly part of our Tacky Jacks Family!

Franchise The Tacky Jacks Way