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Some Helpful Tips to Consider When Dining Out in Seafood Restaurants

Posted by on in Orange Beach
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Seafood is versatile and healthy that it’s an easy favorite for many people. However, there are instances when the way they are presented makes eating seafood a bit intimidating. Seafood in shells, in particular, are a source of trepidation for many, especially when dining out in seafood restaurants.

If you want to make sure you’ll have a great time enjoying the great seafood without embarrassing yourself, here are some dining etiquette tips you can rely on.

Helpful Tips on How to Properly Enjoy Dining in Seafood Restaurants


Crabs are really sumptuous and very enjoyable to eat. Most of the time, crabs are served still in their shell, causing much stress to the ill-equipped diner. The first thing you have to do to enjoy your fresh crab dish is carefully remove the legs and claws from the body using a nutcracker. This is usually provided by the waiter; if you can’t find any, make sure to ask for one.

Another tool that you will then have to use is the seafood fork or nutpick; this is to carefully pull out the flesh from inside the shell. You’ll also notice that when crab is served, a large dining bib is also provided. This is because there will be instances when you’ll have to use your fingers, specifically for twisting and breaking off the tail.

Apart from carefully breaking off the shell and pulling out the meat, properly disposing of them is also important in keeping your dining experience an outstanding one. There will be bowls provided for you to put the broken shells in for easier disposal, and a water bowl for you to rinse your fingers of the smell or sauce of crab after you touch it.


These crustaceans are among the most commonly served in seafood restaurants. They’re usually served already undressed, but certain dishes do keep them on. A good way for you to take off the skin without having to touch the shrimp is to make a cut on the skin along the back of the shrimp, and then carefully butterfly it open. Do this all the way down the back of the shrimp to completely get the body undressed, and then cut off the tail.

Again, as with the crabs, make sure to properly dispose of the shells in a separate bowl. The table can easily get messy with all the little shrimp skins lying about.


Here’s a tip you can use when eating clams: if it’s still closed after cooking, don’t bother touching it. This means that it’s not good. If it is open, just carefully use the fork to take out the clam from the shell itself.

These are just some of the tips you can use for you to gain more confidence in handling the different kinds of seafood when dining in great seafood restaurants. The most important thing, however, is for you to simply enjoy the food and the company you’re with when dining in seafood restaurants like Tacky Jacks.


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