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Reasons Why You Should Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast When on Your Vacation

Posted by on in Gulf Shores
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The long-standing adage is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Truth be told, however, not everyone gets up early enough in the morning to enjoy a decent breakfast. Most of the time, everyone’s in such a rush that they only have enough time to grab some toast and coffee and be out on their way. In fact, some can even afford only a quick coffee run before getting swamped with their everyday tasks.

When people go on vacation, therefore, there’s a lot more opportunity to have a quiet, unhurried meal first thing in the morning. What’s also great is that eating breakfast does present some significant health benefits, whether for kids or adults alike.

Why You Should Enjoy Your Breakfast All The More When on Vacation


Breakfast helps you gear up for the rest of the day. Especially if you’re expecting to do some heavy work all throughout, (or intense adventure activity on while on vacation) you should start the day with some serious nourishment.

The very first meal of the day should be something balanced and could perk you up enough to sustain you until the next meal. Some people are used to skipping breakfast altogether, but for those who cannot go without it, they find themselves lacking in energy and focus, and even feeling dizzy later on.

When you’re on vacation and you’re lined up to do a lot of touring activities that day, you certainly would want to be prepared and full of energy.

Improve Metabolism

After waking from some 7 to 8 hours of sleep, the first meal you have for the day to break the fast (hence, breakfast) helps kickstart your metabolism into high gear. Of course, the higher your metabolism is, the faster your body will burn calories, thereby helping you maintain ideal weight.

It also helps set the tone of your meals for the day. If you eat cereals and fruits for breakfast, you’ll feel fuller and more energized without feeling all too bloated. Omelets and a hearty variety of meat like sausages, ham, bacon, or even pork chop can already give you a good amount of protein you need.

Setting Up the Day

Another great reason for you to enjoy a leisurely breakfast especially when on vacation is that it allows you plan the rest of the day. You can also take the time to simply be by yourself and be more reflective, or enjoy the time you have with your loved ones before you dive into the day’s adventures.

So although people may try to debunk the importance of having breakfast, there’s still no changing the fact that it does have benefits that you can enjoy, whether in your everyday life or on your vacation. Establishments like Tacky Jacks open early so folks like you can have their fill of breakfast in time.


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