Enjoy a Fun, Casual Dining Experience at Tacky Jacks! We Are a Premier Restaurant in Alabama

From a little tavern on Cotton Bayou established in 1979, Tacky Jacks has become the top food destination for everyone looking for great places to eat in Alabama. Part of its success has been due to its prime location and its easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. It sat near a marina that once supplied fuel and fishing tackle for fishermen, who would end their day by visiting the little tavern to fill their stomachs and share stories about their catch. In the late 1990s, a successful businessman by the name of George Skipper purchased Tacky Jacks. He then transformed the little tavern into the place that locals and tourists now know and love. All the love and improvements George was able to give to the former little tavern made Tacky Jacks the successful and fun establishment it is today, and the top choice among excellent places to eat in Gulf Shores, AL.

Home to Mouth-Watering Feasts

Tacky Jacks continues to grow and remains to be among the best seafood restaurants in Alabama. Two more branches were established based off the first restaurant in Orange Beach, AL—one in Gulf Shores and one on Fort Morgan Road. It’s not that difficult to see why our restaurant has become successful, since our fish tacos, Farmer’s Omelet, and Mexican Garbage Nachos are enough to make everyone come back for more delicious food. Aside from our loyal customers on land, we also provide easy access to those at sea. Tacky Jacks sits on the water, and we provide a dock so boats can easily get to our restaurant. More than our meals, however, people go back to Tacky Jacks because of the amazing waterfront view our restaurant offers. Our restaurants and bars also provide our guests with live entertainment and music, which can make a simple dinner with your family and friends more memorable.

Top Choice among Locals

We offer our customers nothing but the best meals, coupled with great service from our well-trained staff. Whether you want a nice breakfast with a loved one or a great lunch for the family, we are one of the best places to eat you should visit. For these reasons, locals have consistently voted Tacky Jacks as the “Locals’ Favorite Hangout” and will definitely recommend you to us if you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant in Baldwin and Mobile Counties. Tacky Jacks is also the best place for you to enjoy happy hour! Taking place during weekdays from 2 PM to 6 PM, our Happy Hour is voted the Best Happy Hour and Overall Bar by the People’s Choice Awards, mainly because of our widely-famous bushwhacker. For questions and reservations, visit our contact page or call our location nearest you!

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